Holy Roller, Kentucky

Holy Roller, Kentucky

Now, I see Him in Eden. God said, “Why did you listen to that serpent instead of listening to your husband? Your husband is ruler over you.” And He put the curses upon them and sent them away.

And I can see that the most dramatic sight, next to it I guess, that I could ever dramatize in my mind, to see little Eve standing there …

Now, I know artists paints her a horrible looking critter and—and hair sticking out like a—I don’t know what, and Adam, just a horrible looking cave man, shoulders as wide as barn doors and so forth.

Now, that’s wrong; there’s no such a thing as that. Why, even human nature teaches better than that.

Now, but I can see the—one of the most perfect men in statue; not too big, not too small, just right. And I can see the most beautiful woman that ever lived on the face of the earth, nearly, is Eve. When Adam looked at her there … When God took a piece from his side here, a rib, and made that woman, she—he looked at her, why, it was … It’s still—the effects of it still lingers through the sons of Adam down through here, that admire her.

There that beautiful little woman setting there by his side, and he taking her by his arm, and led her down through the—the paradises of God.”

—This message by Brother William Marrion Branham
called Why I Am A Holy-Roller was delivered
on Sunday afternoon, 30th August 1953
at the Chicago Gospel Tabernacle
in Chicago, Illinois, USA.